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January 7, 2009
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Exploring Apophysis 3D by TsukinoHikari20 Exploring Apophysis 3D by TsukinoHikari20
Edit: OMG, A DD :wow: Thank you Ojad0 and Hanratty-Stock :)

Edit 2: If you are using 7x, instead of inputting the locations manually, just base the locations of the transforms on the screenshots. Something about the way the program recognizes locations changed with this new one.

I promise I'll reply to all the fav's and comments later tonight I don't want to forget anyone :)

Oh, and I don't know who hit print request, but I won't make this image available for it. I'll make the actual fractal which is titled Storm (same image) available for it instead. Thank you for the interest :)

The download includes a 75 page tutorial on how to make four different fractals. Its really detailed and I've spent the past two weeks writing it.

Its mostly pictures though so don't worry about a long reading.

I really hope you guys enjoy this, I've never put this much work into anything.

The download also includes a pack of 100 gradients, and a .flame file of the contents of this tutorial.

For quick navigation of the tutorial I have included a contents page, simply click on the listing of the area you wish to view. The .pdf will automatically take you to the area.
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Daily Deviation

Given 2009-01-16
ojad0 sent me a lovely note sayingExploring Apophysis 3D by ~TsukinoHikari20 I was lucky enough to beta test this, and I have made some amazing fractals with this this enormous (75 pages) tutorial will help anyone at any level, from just downloading apophysis, to a user like michael or joel faber, (who designed apophysis 2.08). this goes into great depth explaining what each and every single little step does. Anyone who reads this tutorial will gain a huge understanding on the effects of XAOS, weight, variable, variations, transformations, and colors. The tutorials is very easy to understand, and has pictures to guide you through everything you might have trouble with. Once she has shown you how to make your fractal, she has included many pages on how she got her own fractals, and what you need to do to get them. Anyone who uses this tutorial will leave knowing a lot more about apophysis then they had before. I know i did, and i have been using apophysis for 7 moths! i have recommended this tutorial to everyone i know. I have even got some of my friends to join DA and start using apophysis just for this tutorial. Lastly, tsukinohikari20 includes not only a flam3 pack, with all her different fractal parameters, but she has included a gradient pack, with some amazing colors. the flam3 and gradient pack are almost worthy a DD by themselves. - I thought about condensing it - but it was a fantastic expression of love for a piece of work! ( Suggested by ojad0 and Featured by UnicornReality )
ToLookUpAtTheStars Nov 5, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Where can I download Apophysis 3D?
Here you go:…

:)  You need Apophysis 7x these days :) 
ToLookUpAtTheStars Nov 5, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you <33
You're welcome :) 
gleisberry Sep 7, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist

Thank you for this. I believe this will help this frustrated noob!


Arwen1964 May 28, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hi, I am a newby to fractals (although I made a few in the past), and tried to follow along with your tutorial, which is very clear and easy to follow, but what I don't get is that I follow along and don't see the same flames you create, even after making the 2nd transform. This might have to do with the version: I am using 2.09 with the 3d hack. Can that differ so much? I have tried a few tuts and seem to end up with the same problem every time. Anyone has a thought on that?
Before diving into the program, I like to follow some tuts to understand how things are created, but it just doesn't seem to work.
Any help is highly appreciated!
Yes, it is THAT different.

Its very frustrating to a lot of us too.

Anyways, the issue is with the locations. Instead of entering in the coordinates I put down, try to move the transforms to where they appear in the screenshots in the tutorial.

It should work then. I'm sorry about this, but that's the only solution I know of.

The program changed about a year or two after I wrote this tutorial and I no longer have a clue where I left the original files. Which is why I haven't updated it.
Arwen1964 May 28, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks for your efforts. I have tried to change the transforms to look like the screenshots, but it is slightly off, which doesn't give a good result. From knowing what it should look like, I can learn to create my own :).
I will keep on trying, and let you know how I get along.
Okay, let's see if I can help with that.

Go to the triangle tab. You see where it has where you can enter in the degrees you can turn a transform?

We'll play with those so you won't have to do this manually.

Let's say you're looking at the first one covered in the tutorial.

Transform one stays in the same position.

Transform two you turn at a 45 degree angle counter clockwise.

By units I mean use the thing directly below where you can enter the degrees in.

Move it upwards exactly 0.23 units.

Move it right by exactly 0.2 units.

For transform three you turn it at a 135 degrees counter clockwise.

For transform four it gets a bit hairy, but its doable.

Turn it at a 45 degree angle counter clockwise.

Move it downards by 1.2 units.

That should work to your exact positions.

If it doesn't then the program has been updated again and I might scream a bit lol

Don't attempt to do it by manually dragging it, that won't work at all on this particular sort of fractal if you want exact results.

I highly suggest learning how to eye the grid and figure these things out since a bunch of older tutorials are now off due to how the program was updated.

Hope this helps :)
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